Henry Taylor, California

Miss Kelly…I like Henry Taylor’s portraits best, people on sofas, in chairs, blazing with colours. This sofa is as interesting as the subject herself, it is the subject even, as much, so is the floor and sky but as you look each part of the surface has an interest of its own so it sort of shines and dazzles…

There are a couple of political portraits too – of Huey Newton sitting in a chair like a tribal chief with spear and an AK47…and Eldridge Cleaver smoking a cigarette.They are here at Taylor’s gallery blumandpoe

Taylor says he works quickly doing friends, family and people around him. You get that feel of freshness, like a snap. These guys really stare…

Here he is with a portrait of a white man…Van Lamprou: We All Got A Background

And there is a not so subtle messaging here in this use of browns and pinks Nice work, Taylor.


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